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Way back once within the days before Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and not extremely that long once Google, DreamHost was supply dedicated servers to the plenty. Back then, every individual machine was designed and deployed as orders came in. At peak, we have a tendency to hosted a “massive” a hundred and fifty dedicated servers in total, with some terribly fascinating websites to be sure! within the latter half this century’s initial decade, we have a tendency to determined that dedicated servers were additional bother than they were price. we have a tendency to continued  to support those initial a hundred and fifty customers, however we have a tendency to stopped acceptive new sign-ups altogether to focus additional on our core business of shared hosting.

dedicated providing

We completed the error of our call in 2011 thanks in giant half to client demand. we have a tendency to heavily automatic the readying method and re-released our dedicated providing with some new and robust (at the time) quad-core Intel processors and up to a humongous 16GB of RAM! Even four years agone, that was pretty good! inside the primary many we have a tendency toeks we have a tendency to oversubscribed additional dedicated servers than we ever supported at any purpose in our history. folks likeable the product!

As we have a tendency to continued  supporting thousands of those new “Blue Moon” servers, we have a tendency to all over again took our eye off of innovation on our dedicated line to target several of the terribly cool things we’ve been doing with DreamObjects and DreamCompute. For no matter reason, the remainder of the business appears to possess done the same! All of our mass-market internet hosting competitors ar still mercantilism quad core Intel processors with up to a not-so-whopping-anymore 16GB, and during a solitary case, 32GB of RAM.

client demand has set our dedicated server direction

Once again, client demand has set our dedicated server direction. Last week, we have a tendency to launched a complimentary line to the long time servers we’ve been mercantilism since 2011. i’m very happy to introduce everybody to the Summer Moon family of dedicated servers! because the demands for computing power, disk speed, and RAM capability still evolve, so must we. to reply thereto demand, here’s what we’ve done:

Increased the core forecast all Summer Moon servers to twelve. That’s 3x the number of our long time line, and most competitors.

Increased the bottom storage to 2TB.

Added Associate in Nursing possibility for blazing quick SSDs if disk speed may be a demand

Added choices for RAM all the high to 64GB.

Pushed deploy time for dedicated servers right down to quarter-hour (from a couple of hours). which means once you sign-up, you’re off to the races virtually as fast because it takes to spin up a Virtual Machine in some Cloud environments.

The graph below helps to focus on a number of the items we’ve additional into the new Summer Moon line

We’re pretty excited regarding this new and powerful hardware.  It’s what you’ve been requesting, and we’re happy that we are able to finally throw the gates open and yell “THEY’RE HERE”! be careful for even additional additions over following few quarters!

Don’t be bashful regarding heading over to our dedicated server page and giving our Configurator tool a whirl to make a machine that matches your needs!

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