What kind of Dedicated Server You can choose of Huge Traffic Website?

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There are lots of article you will find in the web by saying what kind of dedicated server you can choose for big traffic, i like to give my personal opinion, there are lots of dedicated server in the market but you need to look few differnt things here is the list below:-

  1. CPU
  2. Ram
  3. Storage
  4. Bandwidth
  1. CPU:- For large website like more then 1Million page view you can go for AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 which i available in hetzner and its super cheap here is the link CLICK HERE, hetzner has good NVMe SSD which helps the page load very fast and it provide you 1gbps dedicated line to make your website more faster. Regarding the CPU its awesome and its really fast
  2. Ram:- hetzner provide DDR4 RAM which i good and they are huge company which can provide more ram in cheap price, to run the website and for page load RAM play a very important roles, so while buying please choose the high ram for dedicated server.
  3. Storage:- Another important factor what i saw that many peoples are looking the cpu ram and bandwidth, But this is not true to look the best Storage is very important, please buy SSD storage if you are doing blogging, because SSD can make website Very fast and good. while visitors click on webpage it it HDD then HDD is slow and its display the page very slow, be careful while buy the server.
  4. Bandwidth:- if you guys are using website or file storage server then bandwidth is very important like while user connect y our website if bandwidth is very slow then how can they can download the page view so that is the reason we have to more careful while choosing th storage

Conclusion what you can do is that i mentioned you already hetzner they are cheap and very good and provided dedicated server with dedicated bandwidth so if you want to use the website then always choose the best server which can suite to your need.

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