How to choose the best VPS provider 2022?

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Today in this article I will teach you what VPS you need and what is the best VPS for the website only, not the video player.

there are lots of VPS providers nowadays in the market but the best VPS provider you have to choose as per your requirements, suppose for a normal website you can go for shared hosting, Normal website means just started to create and very few visitors, and for a grown-up website, You have to choose the VPS provider for freedom of speech means you can use total ram and CPU.

here are the list of best VPS provider

  • Contabo – Contabo is best VPS provider becuase it has his own data center in germany usa and many more location they are not doing reseller work. if you buy a server from data center provider then you will be charge less. and contabo has high resources for website with low value, for example if you want to host your website to them then for starting vps with 8 GB ram cost you $6.99, 4vCPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD1 Snapshot, 32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming, with cost of $6.99 Nobody can sell like this specification. i will post a picture below look the price and pricing.
Contabo VPS Screenshots
  • Hetzner – hetzner is also a best web hosting, vps and dedicated server provider, now i am talking about the vps provider then this is alos a best provider, it has a best power and high specificaton for low price, i use personally this web hosting for all of my website becuase their dedicated server is best and good provider. please do check

This are the list below where you can chose your hosting provider.

  • HostGator Web Hosting
  • InMotion Web Hosting
  • DreamHost Web Hosting
  • AccuWeb Hosting

Please doa check and message their live chat support before buying and getting more details. happy hosting and sharing guys

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