How to rank Your Website higher SEO?

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Today in this topic i will teach you how to rank your WordPress website higher i will not guarantee that your post will come first on google search results, because its has different factors, like at first you need to get a good news to rank higher, webpage load time, server respond time and CDN, let me explain you in brief

suppose you created a technology website and you want to rank higher with your keyword to earn money, yes this is possible but you have to know at first server respond time if your server respond in MS then it will be 1st factor to rank higher always buy the hosting from the genuine hosting provider which has lots of CPU and RAM, if you are starter then you can go shared hosting but choose Bluehost or site round, i have personal experience on this two hosting their respond time is faster then other provider and its best recommended by WordPress

Webpage load time:- Your website should be well managed and optimized to get webpage load faster look the plugin which you are using and mostly use cache plugin, personally experienced and still using is LitespeedCache is the best for caching wordpress website, go in setting and please choose the setting which need your website faster.

CDN: now a days this CDN is most and very high priority to make your website faster and rank higher one of the best CDN is cloudflare its has many Server in different location and good things is that they are providing free service, for startup website but i recommended to enable the page rules to make your website faster

SSL- Google is keep looking SSL to rank higher as i said cloud flare use cloud flare to make your SSL its free and one click SSL,

if you work on this then your WordPress website will go higher in search results please comments if you need any help from my side

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