what is usages of dedicated Server.

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Today in this article i am going to tell you what is the usges of dedicated server, at first we need to think for what we are going to use it. suppose if you have some big website then dedicated server needed to serve fast speed your java script css html files.

here is the list below the uses of dedicated server.

videos : – if you want to make big giant website like YouTube then dedicated server with lots of storage needed and ram GPU cup meters, please choose the high end server for video streaming and download

image:- if you want to open the image hosting then dedicated is the best option because image hosting use lots of bandwidth.

gaming server:- yes you can use dedicated server for gaming. buy the server from good provider with gup and install window there and use game experience

website:- yes this is best and good option to use for website if your website is giant. then use this server to serve fast to your visitors

audio:- if you want to open the audio player then dedicated is good because it has dedicated bandwidth cpu and ram

at last i like to inform you that dedicated server has it own dedicated ram, cpu and gpu. so please buy server as per your requirements

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